Wait No Longer

I bet you’ve been waiting with bated breath for Melanie J. Hebert’s new album to be pressed. OK, yes, there was sarcasm there. But that’s only because most of you don’t know who the heck Melanie J. Hebert even is. That’s something we hope to change.

Those of you who do know Mel should consider yourselves ahead of the curve. Really. Give yourself a rightly deserved pat on the back.

Those of you who don’t, well, keep reading, and just tell people that you did know. No judgment here.

Want to get a better feel for just exactly who Mel is? She just recently did a radio interview in Nanaimo B.C., at CHLY 101.7, check it out here.

So the album is done. I mean done, done. Finished, mixed, mastered & pressed. You read right. I currently have the physical media – we used to call these CD’s – right here in my hands. Damn shortly we’ll have samples, mp3’s and CD’s for sale here.

But I can tell you this for sure: It looks and sounds great.

Alright, that’s enough pimping; this album should sell itself.

Chat at you soon.

Matthew Wilson

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